August 16, 2017
9:04 am


Written by Chris Kelly

Josh Ellinger, aka Biggie, the producer of the 2 Guys Named Chris Show, has been a big member of this show since 2008.  And when we say big, we mean BIIIIG. 
The big man checks in at over 550 pounds, and every ounce of it is funny, hard working, and full of diva spirit.  If there’s a complaint to be made, Biggie will make it.  Biggie was
 born in Johnson City, Tennessee on a cold January morning in 1983.  It was at that point he developed a lifelong tradition of wearing loose fitting white t-shirts and expandable waist pants. 
He and his family moved a lot when he was a kid.  This, more than anything else, gave him his snarky, “I’ll make fun of you before you make fun of me” attitude. 
Biggie is a hard working guy who enjoys large trucks, spending money on useless items, and weekend trips to Las Vegas.  He is a big fan of the movie “The Hangover”, and generally
any movie that has lots of explosions and gets bad reviews from reputable critics.  He has been a stand up comedian for several years and can regale you with great pizza stories
from the past as he was a longtime manager of Papa John’s.  Ask him about the vegan who loved making pizzas but would loudly exclaim, in front of customers, that she didn’t
 understand how anyone could eat this mutilated flesh.  Good times.  In his spare time, you can find Biggie sleeping or hanging out with his dog Cora.  By the way, his mother lives with him,
so he’s cut way back on cursing, smoking, and drinking…three other things he enjoys immensely.  And that’s Biggie in a nut shell…a very large, cavernous nut shell.  He’s a great guy to get to know,
every weekday morning from 6 to 10am on the 2 Guys Named Chris Show.

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