August 22, 2017
4:52 pm

Chris Demm

Written by Deidre James

Chris Demm was born in Paris on a military base and had a very happy childhood in Richmond, Virginia before going off to college at William and Mary.  His parents were proud of their first-born and had high hopes for his collegiate career. Unfortunately, Demm decided to major in women and keggers and flunked out of school his freshman year.  It took him a while, but he managed to graduate from VCU and land a job in radio.
When he wasn’t obsessing over music liner notes, Rolling Stone magazines, and unrequited love, Demm was able to find a friend in Chris Kelly, and eventually the two started their own show.  Demm is known for his wit, impeccable comedic timing, impressions, a phenomenal knowledge of music trivia, and his unbelievably hot wife, Beth. Off-air, Demm enjoys living the DINK lifestyle (double income no kids), traveling, trying new foods, and learning the guitar. 
Demm’s parents rebounded from the initial educational disappointments of their first-born by celebrating the achievements of his extremely successful younger brothers. One is a powerful lawyer who attended Yale with President Barack Obama, and their youngest is a professor who married an African princess. Some have called Demm the Tito Jackson of the family. 
Nevertheless, Chris Demm is his own man and has earned the respect of his peers after surviving an armed robbery, living with one kidney, shingles, and over 25 years in radio.

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