October 8, 2015
4:05 pm

Deidre James

Written by Chris Demm

Deidre James likes to say she grew up on the mean streets of High Point, North Carolina.  In many ways, her life as a youngster shaped the woman she is today.
While other children were outside, playing sports and getting into trouble, young Deidre stayed indoors. 
While other middle schoolers did whatever they could to be popular, and "fit in" with the cool crowd, young Deidre was writing one-woman plays.
While other high schoolers were skipping class, or going to wild parties, young Deidre was editing the yearbook, and was heavily involved in student government. 
Deidre James learned how to set goals, and how to achieve them as well.  For instance, she achieved a lifelong dream of being in the audience of an Oprah Winfrey TV show, and she attended the first inauguration of President Barack Obama. 
She also planned her wedding, years in advance, down to the most minute detail.  OK...one slight detail was overlooked:  she didn't have a groom.
As a young professional (and single) woman, not surprisingly, she's become quite adept at organizing.  Whether it's a surprise birthday party, a political rally, or a "cupcake crawl" to the best bakeries in the nation's capital, Deidre has a plan.    Her memory is uncanny.  Deidre can tell you who won almost every Academy Award, Grammy, and MTV VMA trophy in history.  She knows the lyrics to thousands and thousands of songs.  And in a 24-hour day, (thanks to her DVR) she's capable of watching 25 hours of TV...and no one knows how she does it. 
If you're into pop culture, fast food menus, the music of Prince, Fleetwood Mac, and Beyonce, and your last name is NOT Kardashian...Deidre James can be your best friend.

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