February 21, 2017
4:05 pm

Do You Like Uber? Chris Kelly Does Not. For No Reason.

The Naked Pastor Has To Apologize.

The Vending Machine Is At It Again.

Just Change Your Damn Shirt!

Remember That Time Chris Kelly Almost Killed A Child While Skiing?

Kelly Steals Popcorn From Clients and Lindsay Grahm Has Been Hacked!

Comedian Michael Mack Stops By With Some Christmas Songs

Are You Ready For The New Star Wars Movie? Darth Vader Is.

Chris Kelly Once Tried To Create His Own Language. Surprised?

What Does Bill Belichick Think Of The Election? Seattle.

Did Biggie enjoy his interview with Dale Jr.? Absolutely

Chris Kelly Is A Soft "D" Song

Kelly Finds A Magic Bracelet At A BBQ Festival

You Want To Hear A Crazy Swinger Story?

Has Anyone Seen Bob Dylan? Seriously He Won An Award.

Ever Had Sex In A Moving Car?

What Is The Best Cereal Ever?

And Now.... The Results Of The Synchranized Swimmers Competition.

Chris Demm Has Roid Rage.

Chris Kelly Plays Paintball.

Chris Demm, Bruce Springsteen, and One Hell Of A Weekend

When Dating Someone Younger Than You Goes Wrong.

Ever Been To The Angus Barn? Kelly Has.

The Most Romantic Story You'll Hear All Year, Courtesy Of Biggie.

Comedian Rich Aronovich Stops By.

Demm Eats At A Fancy French Restaurant. Kelly Does Not.

Do You Believe In Sex Addiction?

A New Segment Called "Do You Cut Them Some Slack".

Comedian Earthquake Stops By

How Much Did Biggie Pay To Be A Baller In A Club In Vegas? Way Too Much

Ambien... That's Some Crazy Stuff!

A New, Nicer Way To Kill Chickens...

A Great Dear Abby Letter Leads To A Show Divided.

Chris Kelly Thinks The New Steph Curry's Are Straight Fire.

Ever Had Ghost Sex?

Floaters In The Ocean

One Man's Sad Story Of His Father And Cheating.

Chris Kelly Upsets A Listener. What Else Is New?

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