July 22, 2017
12:52 am

We Play The Birthday Game.

This Kermit The Frog Firing Is Getting Ugly.

Who would buy $265 Crocs?

How Bad Is Someone's Gas That It Forces The Plane To Turn Around!?!

Chris Kelly Says He Will Still Not Watch McGregor Vs. Mayweather.

The Most E-Mailed Story Of The Summer.

The Lesson Here Is Don't Swim Naked In the Ocean.

Don't Go Down The Slide! Wait, too late.

Where Have You Woke Up Drunk?

Do You Use The Cart Wipes When At A Store?

Kelly + Jogging On The Beach = Emergency Bathroom Stop

Kelly Is Struggling.

Have You Ever Been Shot?

Kelly Has A Fishy Situation.

Wait... Are We Moving To California?

Come Over And Have Some Moose Soup!

Here Are Some Funny / Horrible Stories About Pooping Your Pants. Enjoy.

Kelly Will NOT Watch The Mayweather Vs. McGregor Fight... Yeah Right.

The Word Game and Friday The 13th Greatness.

The Most Competitive 3 On 3 Basketball Game EVER!

You Gave The Bank Robber How Much Money?

Our Friend Casey Kasem Calls From Heaven With A Long Distance Dedication

We Play A Very Funny Celebrity Birthday Game.

Have You Ever Met A Celebrity That You Didn't Know Was A Celebrity?

Chris Kelly Has Another Awkward Run In With The Boss.

That Awkward Moment When You Throw Someone A 69th Birthday Party.

We Play Family Feud. Demm, Biggie, And Dave Vs. Listeners.

A Truck Crashed Through A Business Named What?

Roger Moore Has Died. Someone Let Dave Know.

Oj Is Probably Going To Be Paroled. What If He Became Your Neighbor

Lets Play What Is In Chris Kelly's Garage.

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