May 28, 2017
2:41 pm

We Play Family Feud. Demm, Biggie, And Dave Vs. Listeners.

A Truck Crashed Through A Business Named What?

Roger Moore Has Died. Someone Let Dave Know.

Oj Is Probably Going To Be Paroled. What If He Became Your Neighbor

Lets Play What Is In Chris Kelly's Garage.

What Is The Best Concert You've Ever Seen?

Natalie Wood Saw Wagner And Walken Doing What?

Hey That's Not A Church....

Chris Kelly Ranks The Yankee Greats.

One Of Our Favorite Comedians Jerry Farber Stops By.

What Exactly Does Curvy Mean?

Weather Dave Once Got Fired From TV News, And It Was Epic.

Remember That Time Chris Demm Almost Died At A Hockey Game?

Ever Been Shot With A BB Gun?

We Play One Of Our Favorite Games, Name The TV Mom.

We Play The Celebrity Birthday Game!

Dale Jr. Has Announced His Retirement. Some Are Sad. Some Are Happy.

Stories Of People Getting Married Fairly Quick After Meeting.

Did You Travel To Europe With Your High School Class?

Chris Demm Breaks His Pinky Toe, Again.

We Play Our Favorite New Game... High Or Just Hungry?

White Boy Weekend Just Isn't As Great As It Once Was.

United Is At It Again.

You Brought How Many Tampons On The Cruise?

Chris Kelly Has A Tattoo Question For A New Intern.

You Have Been Reaccommodated (United Airlines Parody Song By Our Friend Josh)

Chris Kelly's Second Wife Will Love Coachella

Little Cosby Talk, Little Hockey Talk.

Live In Arkansas And Kind Of Bored? We'll The Prisons There Need Your Help.

Comedian Dave Landau Stops By.

One Lady And Chris Kelly Take A Stand Against Restaurants.

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