July 22, 2017
4:56 am
2GNC Bios

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly was born a substantially sizeable boy for his hometown of Asheboro, North Carolina.  Not long after his birth, the state of North Carolina decided to make the home for the North Carolina Zoo in Chris Kelly’s own hometown.  Coincidence?  Most say ‘no’. See more...



Chris Demm

Chris Demm was born in Paris on a military base and had a very happy childhood in Richmond, Virginia before going off to college at William and Mary.  His parents were proud of their 1st born and had high hopes for his collegiate career. Unfortunately, Demm decided to major in women and keggers and flunked out of school his freshman year.  It took him a while, but he managed to graduate from VCU and land a job in radio. See more...



Josh Ellinger, aka Biggie, the producer of the 2 Guys Named Chris Show has been a big member of this show since 2008.  And when we say big, we mean BIIIIG. 
The big man checks in at over 400 pounds, and every ounce of it is funny, hard working, and full of diva spirit.  If there’s a complaint to be made, Biggie will make it.  Biggie was
 born in Johnson City, Tennessee on a cold January morning in 1983.  It was at that point he developed a lifelong tradition of wearing loose fitting white t-shirts and expandable waist pants. See more...


Dave Aiken

Dave Aiken was born in the wilds of Appalachia on a hot summer night. His Daddy had just got done making the shine for the day and was looking to relax a little when suddenly Dave's Mom gave out a wild yell from the kitchen and there on the floor lay a baby Dave. See Dave's Mom didn't know she was pregnant she thought she had just eaten some bad wild boar a few months before and was still suffering the consequences. See more...


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