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BB Shea

BB Shea

BB Shea is 2 Guys Named Chris’ resident young person and rapper. We first met BB Shea as he filled in for Biggie when Biggie had a volleyball abscess in his hind parts! One weekend, Chris Kelly heard BB Shea rapping on a competitors radio station and invited him to rap about 2 Guys Named Chris. Ever since then, the “Weekly Rap Up” was born where BB Shea comes on and wraps up the show in rap form. We’re pretty sure Chris Kelly only allows this now to make Chris Demm angry!

Born in Winston-Salem, BB Shea is a contrarian by nature and dislikes most things that people like. For example, Weather Dave and Chris Kelly love The Shawshank Redemption. BB Shea was quoted saying that it was “overrated”.

Along with radio, BB Shea has a passion for movies, music and eating the leftover food out of his beard.